Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Major residential storm damage

This Carrollton home owner was the tragic victim of major storm damage.  While the damage is severe, it is definitely something that SERVPRO of Carrollton is prepared to tackle.  We can and will respond faster to any disaster!

Garage Storm Damage

SERVPRO responded to this home in Carrollton to find water standing in this Texas garage.  The team begin to pack up belongings to clear the flooring for drying.  Air movers were put down to dry the garage floor quickly and return to normal conditions. 

Bedroom Closet Water Loss

After a severe storm hit in the Carrollton area this home suffered from water damage from leaking roof.  SERVPRO responded immediately and began mitigation.  The flooring and baseboards were removed and air movers put down for quick drying. 

Aftermath of Storm Damage

Water will start to find its way through your attic and into the home by "the path of least resistance", as they say. This home had water coming through their HVAC vents after rain storms hit the Texas area.

Storm Water Leak

This home suffered from ceiling water leak.  There was significant amounts of water falling from the ceiling.  SERVPRO responded and was able to fix the leaking roof and ceiling and replace drywall on the ceiling. 

Let Us Store It!

In this photo, the SERVPRO of Carrollton team utilized their facility for a "pack out", while the Farmers Branch resident's home was being dried. If an unfortunate disaster strikes and you need somewhere to place your belongings, let the SERVPRO of Carrollton team come, carefully pack your things, and place them in our secure facility.

The SERVPRO of Carrollton team is anxious and ready to SERV you in anyway. Give us a call at (972) 446-0383, we're standing by ready to meet your restoration/recovery needs!

SERVPRO of Carrollton

This is SERVPRO of Carrollton Warehouse. We use the most up to date and industry recommended equipment to go above and beyond for our customers. We have ample warehouse space for "pack-outs" as well.