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Garage water damage: How to mitigate disaster and the need for water removal services

2/17/2023 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of Carrollton offers helpful tips for mitigating a water damage disaster in the garage.

SERVPRO® of Carrollton provides water removal and cleanup when a water damage disaster occurs in the garage. Technicians, certified by the IICRC, utilize powerful wet/dry vacuums to remove the water and heavy-duty dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture. The SERVPRO team offers these tips to mitigate a water damage disaster in the garage.

The garage never gets a break from the risk of water damage. Winter brings cold, wet spells that can last for days. Occasionally, thunderstorms rumble through North Texas dumping inches of rain on Carrollton and the surrounding communities. Spring brings an onslaught of moisture, which finally gives way to the much drier summer months. The solution is consistently applying water damage mitigating strategy for the garage. Procrastination can lead to thousands of dollars in water damage, foundation damage, and mold infestation.

The tips below can help mitigate flooding in the garage when storms bring the conditions necessary for flooding and water damage.

#1. Install weather stripping under the garage door

This preventive measure is very simple and should be the first step in executing a flood damage prevention strategy. Weatherstripping is the first line of defense against flooding in the garage. Properly installed weatherstripping can keep most water from entering the garage. However, degraded weatherstripping can allow large amounts of water to enter the garage, causing widespread damage to baseboards, structural timber, the garage floor, and whatever contents are stored in the garage. Moisture in the garage can cause mold in the bonus room above the garage.

Install best quality replacement weatherstripping designed for the specific door. The lower-quality adhesive weatherstripping solutions are inferior and will lead to problems not too far into the future.

#2. Install sandbags or flood barriers across the garage entrance

When meteorologists call for a stall low-pressure system with lots of rain or a severe band of heavy thunderstorms that can cause flooding, take immediate action to put down sandbags. Homes that are not in flood plains may still be at risk of flooding. A stalled thunderstorm can cause havoc in a cul de sac. Clogged storm drains will not be able to evacuate enough water to prevent flooding. Or, the downpour may be so heavy the drainage capacity is overwhelmed, resulting in only several homes being flooded. If localized micro-flooding has occurred in the past, be assured history will repeat itself. Sandbags and flood barriers can keep out most, if not all, of the water, preventing the garage and home from being flooded.

#3. Install one or more flood vents

A flood vent does not prevent flooding, but the vents do prevent the water from backing up in the garage and flooding the living space inside the home. When water floods the garage, it evacuates through the vents before becoming deep enough to flood into the house. The garage may sustain some damage, but the damage will be limited to only an inch or so at the most.

#4. Install multiple drainage solutions to direct the water away from the home and garage

The neighborhood storm drain system should be able to handle most heavy downpours. If the storm drain system cannot control the rainfall, steps can be taken to safeguard the home and garage. First, assess the slope around the house. If the ground slopes toward the home, flooding is inevitable. Some adjustments can be immediately implemented. The grade around the home can be improved to direct water away from the foundation and garage. Another solution is a French drain along the drive or in front of the garage. The system should effectively capture and divert water away from the garage and foundation.

Drainage issues can result in extensive water damage in a home or business. When dealing with water flow, elevation, topography, slope, grade, and municipal water management codes, the homeowner may need to bring in professionals with the training and experience to identify and implement a solution.

When adjusting slope and drainage, be aware that every action has a consequence. Excess water runoff caused by changing the topography or drainage of the yard could cause a flood damage disaster in one or more neighbor’s yards, and the offending party could be held liable for damages. Schedule a consultation with a certified landscape architect to inspect and assess the situation. A few simple changes in berms, swales, trenches, and drains can save tens of thousands of dollars in flood damage to the homes and businesses of neighbors.

What to do when the garage floods

When the garage floods from severe weather, a flash flood, or a burst pipe, contact the professionals at SERVPRO of Carrollton for a rapid response and a quick cleanup and restoration process. For more information about Valley Ranch Irving, TX, water removal services, call SERVPRO of Carrollton at (972) 446-0383. The office can also be contacted by email at office@SERVPRO10952.com.

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