Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Flooding in a Garage vs in your Home

The difference about a garage flood and flooding in your home is in the way it's going to be cleaned. In most cases garages do not have a lot of material that w... READ MORE

Left Over Debris from Flooding

Flooding can bring in debris from the outdoors. The flood water will recede over time but the best way is to have the water extracted with a trash pump. The pum... READ MORE

Flooding and Heavy Rains in Texas

Rains storms and flooding can be hard on a home in Carrolton, Texas. At times it will soak through a crack in the foundation of your home and into the basement.... READ MORE

Roof Damage in Carrolton, Texas

This family woke up the sound of some upset children when rain water started dripping through the ceiling. The damage was actually in the roof due to some debri... READ MORE

Flooring Ruined By Flooding

This home in Carrolton was unfortunate to be flooded when a rain storm had caused runoff. The water entered the home and the flooring needed to be removed. The ... READ MORE

Leaking Attic in Carrollton, TX

The heavy rains and violet winds of the area will harm any home overtime. Shingles missing from a roof will let water into the home through the attic, which wil... READ MORE